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We can help you understand what you are up against, and how to take the first step.

The Lawyer You Choose Makes a Difference

Putting experience and effective advocacy on your side greatly increases your chances of a dismissal or not-guilty verdict.

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Whether we pursue a plea deal or fight at trial, we will not stop until we have achieved the best possible outcome.

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If you have been charged with a crime, having a lawyer on your side can make it much more likely that your case ends with the best possible outcome for your freedom, your finances and your future. We handle all types of criminal charges throughout the Chicago metro area from our office in Bolingbrook, Illinois. To learn more about a specific type of charge, see below:

Don't Say Anything.

Offered a Plea? Don't agree to anything
Without speaking to an experienced attorney first.

We're on your side. Every Step of the Way.
We understand that being charged with a crime is a very disruptive and overwhelming process. We will help you understand the charges against you and how an attorney can help you during a free initial consultation.
Once you have chosen to work with the Ooink Law Office, we get to work right away. We will begin by gathering police reports, any available video as well as all other evidence and testimony from witnesses that could potentially help your case.
After we have a strong assessment of the charges against you and the evidence being used by the prosecution to prove your guilt, we develop and execute a plan to work towards the best possible outcome for your case.

Don't Sign Anything.

Offered a Plea? Don't agree to anything
Without speaking to an experienced attorney first.

Fighting to Protect Your Rights
We Will Protect Your Interests Each Step of The Way:
Initial Consultation

We start by reviewing the charges you're facing and evaluate possible defenses.


We work diligently to find potential weaknesses in the case against you.

Plea or Trial

Whether we can negotiate with the prosecutor or need to go to trial, we'll be ready.

We Protect Your Rights Through The Entire Criminal Defense Process.
Bolingbrook, Illinois Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested, you only get one opportunity to fight the charges.

Put 14 Years of Illinois Criminal Defense Experience on Your Side.

Having a criminal defense attorney fighting for your rights can greatly increase the chance that your case ends with the best possible outcome for you. Take advantage of a free consultation to speak with Juan and learn how he can help you.

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Chicago-Area Defense Attorneys

If you have been charged with a crime, the entire process is a terrible experience. From the initial interactions with the police to the dealing with the prosecutor it's easy to feel like the entire system is working against you and your side of the story is never heard. The attorneys at Ooink Law work to give you a voice and make sure that you are seen as more than just a number. We understand that not everyone charged with a crime is a career criminal that deserves to be locked away.

Getting an experienced criminal defense lawyer working in your corner to protect your interests as soon as possible is critical to achieving a good outcome for your case. There are times when a good defense may rely on interviewing possible witnesses or obtaining any available evidence from security or traffic cameras where the event took place. Eye-witnesses tend to get less and less reliable as time passes and retrieving other evidence can be increasingly difficult as time goes by. To ensure a good defense, call the Bolingbrook, IL criminal defense lawyers at 773.720.9736 or click here to submit your criminal defense case online.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

That's a tricky question. Obviously, it depends on the nature of the charges against you and the defense strategy that we are working towards. We can give you a solid idea of what to expect in legal fees to fight your charges in a phone consultation. We try to stay away from billing hourly and instead will quote you a flat rate for your defense. This way, you have a solid understanding of the total costs and can plan accordingly. We accept all major credit cards and offer payment plans in certain situations.

What are some of the costs of NOT hiring a criminal defense lawyer?

We understand that the cost of hiring a criminal defense lawyer can create a financial burden. That said, when you are facing criminal charges, it is much more than just a guilty or not-guilty verdict at stake. Beyond the obvious fines and possible jail time associated with a criminal charge, additional negative effects of having a criminal record can include:

  • Limited employment opportunities
  • Lack of options for rental property
  • Limited availability of Student Loan options
  • Higher Insurance Premiums (in the case of a DUI or traffic violation)
  • Social Stigma & difficulty re-entering society after time incarcerated

We have worked with other people facing difficult and complex charges and helped them through to a good result. We can't make your criminal charges magically disappear, but we can protect you from the pitfalls of becoming a number and getting lost in the system. We can help protect your rights and ensure that your voice is heard.

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If you have been charged with a crime, take control of the situation while you have a chance. Call our office and ask to speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys. Having an attorney on your side can greatly increase the chance that your case ends in the best outcome for you.
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