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At Ooink Law, we understand that being charged with a crime can make you feel like your entire life is on hold. The pending charges can effect your work and family life and the stress of the possible consequences can occupy your mind constantly. We can not guarantee a specific outcome and you should be wary of any attorney who does. However, what we can promise you is that you will be treated with dignity and respect. We will listen to you and work to understand your side of the story, and then make sure that the judge, prosecutor and jury do too.

We handle a variety of criminal charges, including:


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If you have been arrested in the Chicago metro area, do not wait until the last minute to talk to a defense lawyer. Being prepared for your court date can make a big impact on how your case turns out. Protect your freedom, finances and future by working with the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Ooink Law Office in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

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