Why You Should Not Speak to Police

Why You Should NOT Talk to the Police

If you are being interviewed by the police, it is critical that you have an attorney present, without exception.  There is nothing you can say or do to benefit yourself in any way shape or form by speaking directly to the police.  When the police are questioning you, they are doing it to either get you to admit to a crime, or get you to commit to a certain story so that they can later call that story into question.  The police may claim they want to help you, tell them they can make an offer to help through your attorney.  The police may say that hiring an attorney makes you seem guilty, you do not have to respond.

How Police Officers Make a Case

While it makes for great television, police officers do not spend a lot of time doing “detective” work if they can avoid it.  Every police department is fighting budget cuts and police officers are only human beings, they will find the easiest way to do their job.  It is far more efficient to get a suspect to admit to their crime than it is to prove that they did it.  This is true for the police when they are investigating a crime and it’s true for the prosecution when they need to find you guilty.  They rely on you admitting what you did, or pleading guilty because it’s infinitely harder than providing someone’s guilt.

You Can Never Benefit Your Case By Talking to The Police

The police do not bring in people to interview them so they can eliminate them as suspects.  The police do not need your help in reviewing details of what happened when or who was there.  If any meaningful communication is going to happen between the police or prosecution it will happen through your lawyer.  

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