Offers & Plea Agreements

Do Not Sign or Agree to Anything Without Speaking to an Attorney First

Bolingbrook Criminal Defense Lawyer to Review Plea Agreements

If you have been charged with a crime and your court date is approaching, or you have already attended an initial hearing, you may have been offered what is commonly called a “plea deal” by the prosecutor. A “plea deal” is where you agree to plead guilty to one or more crimes in exchange for something; usually a shortened sentence or the outright dismissal of other charges.

Why You Should NOT Make a Deal with a Prosecutor

There are cases where you may be offered a “deal” to drop one of the charges against you in exchange for pleading guilty to another charge. While this may sound like a simple enough exchange, it’s best to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer review the offer to ensure you’re making a good deal.

There are times Prosecutors make offers because they don’t want your case to go to trial.

When you have an experienced attorney review your case, they are able to examine the evidence against you and make a reasonable assessment as to the strength any possible defense strategies. If a prosecutor sees a weakness in their case, they may make you an offer as a result.

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You only get one chance to defend yourself against a DUI or other criminal charges. Do not make a mistake that could cost you for years to come. Talk to an experienced attorney to have your case reviewed today.

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